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The music of STELLARNET

Music is an important part of the STELLARNET SERIES. The songs in Aileen’s Irish pub inspire Duin while he fights back against the Tikati invasion of his world. Belloc teaches Genny a simple tune to play on the pelu. Virtual and real-life guests dance at Hax’s halloween party.

There are also songs the author listened to while writing the novel, because the lyrics and/or mood of the song fit some aspect of the story. All of these songs are listed here.

Songs referenced within the STELLARNET SERIES

(These songs were also on the author’s mp3 player while writing the novel, and the links are to J. L. Hilton’s favorite versions).

Songs the author listened to while writing the STELLARNET SERIES

  • “Written in the Stars” by Blackmore’s Night
  • “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence
  • “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin
  • “Stars” by Switchfoot
  • “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback
  • “Hero” by Chad Kroeger
  • “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls
  • “Home” by Depeche Mode
  • “Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickelback
  • “My Last Breath” by Evanescence
  • “So Close” from the movie “Enchanted”
  • “Hope Vol. 2″ by Apocalyptica
  • “In Her Eyes” by Josh Groban
  • We Sing in Celebration” by Richard Searles
  • You Raise Me Up
  • Jolene” the White Stripes version
  • Then, Now” by Wake the Fallen
  • “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge
  • “When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban
  • Hard Part” by David Wilcox
  • Farthest Shore” by David Wilcox
  • She Moved Through the Fair” (Jesse Ferguson version)
  • E.T.” (Dubstep version) or “E.T.” (Gul Dukat tribute)
© 2010 J. L. Hilton.